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Learn How To Invest Profitably in Singapore Property Using Market Cycles and Insights

Timing the Property Market is a book by Mr. Propwise that does a deep dive into the real estate data to help property investors time their property purchases for maximum profit and minimum downside.

Timing the Property Market
The digital PDF e-book version of Timing the Property Market is available for sale now for only S$28. The paperback version will be available at major bookstores by late October. Or subscribe to any membership tier at to get a FREE e-book copy of this book.

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What our readers are saying
“Very interesting and useful, I managed to learn some new things from this book. The quick summary at the end of each chapter is a brilliant idea.”
Baoxing Ye, Property Investor
What is inside the book

This book is split into six sections covering:

• Overall Market Analysis

• Non-Landed Residential Property

• Landed Residential Property

• Residential Areas and Projects

• Commercial and Industrial Property

• Finding Attractive Property Investments

Detailed contents of the book

Overall Market Analysis
  • A Short History of the Singapore Property Market
  • Understanding the Property Market Cycle
  • What Transaction Volumes Tell Us About Investing in the Property Market
  • How Interest Rates and Yields Affect Property Prices
  • Demand and Supply
  • Should You Buy or Rent?

Non-Landed Residential
  • Has Private or Public Housing Performed Better?
  • Should You Buy Completed or Uncompleted Condos?
  • Should You Buy Freehold or Leasehold Condos?
  • Looking at Vacancy and Rentals
  • How Fast Are Developers Selling?
  • Subsales – A Measure of Speculation
  • Are Foreigners Driving Up Property Prices?

Landed Residential Property
  • Landed vs Non-Landed – Which is a Better Buy?
  • Detached, Semi-Detached and Terrace houses
  • Landed Property Rentals and Vacancies
  • Landed Property – Should You Buy Freehold or Leasehold?

Residential Areas and Projects
  • How Have Residential Prices Performed in the Different Regions?
  • Comparing Residential Rents and Yields in the Different Regions
  • Condos – Regional Analysis of Indices and Prices
  • Apartments – Regional Analysis of Indices and Prices
  • Detached houses – Regional Analysis of Indices and Prices
  • Semi-Detached – Regional Analysis of Indices and Prices
  • Terrace houses – Regional Analysis of Indices and Prices

Commercial and Industrial Property Analysis
  • Should You Buy Residential, Commercial or Industrial Property?
  • Office – Central versus Fringe Area Indices, Prices and Rentals
  • Office Vacancies, Rentals and Supply
  • Shops – Central versus Fringe Area Indices, Prices and Rentals
  • Shop Space Vacancy, Rentals and Supply
  • Industrial Indices, Prices and Rentals
  • Industrial Vacancy and Supply
Finding Attractive Property Investments
  • Where to Find Good Deals
About the author

Mr. Propwise is founder of, a top Singapore property blog, and, a web-based research and analysis membership site that covers all segments of the Singapore property market to help buyers and sellers make profitable investment decisions.

I believe that even seasoned property investors will learn a thing or two by reading this book, as I’ve not seen some of the analyses in this book done anywhere else. By timing your property investment at the right part of the cycle, you can avoid costly mistakes that could set you back years, and potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your net worth.

Timing the Property Market
The 202 full-colour pages of Timing the Property Market are available now as an instant PDF download for only S$28, or get it FREE when you subscribe to any Property Market Insights package.

Buy Timing the Property Market (PDF E-Book)